Christian Peccei’s Homepage

Hello and welcome to my homepage! In my spare time I enjoy working on fun data mining and programming projects. If you have suggestions or questions please let me know; my email is my first name dot last name at gmail.

On the professional side, I am Director of Analytics at 23andMe. It’s a great company to work for, please send me a note if you’re interested in career opportunities. My team has analysts and data scientists with a diverse set of skills and backgrounds.


Icon AWS EC2 Spot Pricing Optimizer

Icon Building a Data Science AMI for AWS EC2

Icon Solving Doublets (Word Ladders) in Python

Icon Mapping Your Music Collection

Icon Solving Doublets (Word Ladders) in Mathematica

Icon Visualizing the Similarity of Musical Artists

Icon Pricing a Diamond

Icon Statistical Analysis of the Sherlock Holmes Stories

Icon Python Textmining Package

Icon Preparing Images for a Photomosaic

Icon Predicting Home Prices from Realty Descriptions

Icon Drawing ZIP Code Boundaries

Icons are from the Noun Project. Attribution details here.